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April 2019

A Gratitude Prayer

A Gratitude Prayer

Dear God, the Universe, Creator of All that is, Our Source or whichever name you prefer to be called by these days Lord,

I am sending you this sincerely intended thank you note..

I am truly grateful for my blessed daughters, my grandchildren, other family, friends, clients and my personal mentors. I thank you for the presence of Love in my life, for the loving, kind, gentle and generous man in my life. All the wonderful, loving, supportive and creative people, the artists and musicians for I love the music, and comedians too! 

Even those who challenge me, to be a better person by their disdain. Those from the past and those currently in my life who encourage me to ongoing forgiveness and understanding.. I am so grateful for my health, my ability to laugh and sing, even if not always in tune, or when I forget the words and la, la, along. 

I am appreciative for the beautiful world in which I reside. In which I may travel to learn, even with it's wars and hatred, it teaches me to be more, aware, more loving and accepting. For you are my greatest teacher Father.

I thank you for the gifts you have given me, the ongoing opportunities to learn, especially new things, every day. To share my knowledge, by coaching, healing, reading and being a channel for all that is yours. I appreciate my income, this allows me to pay my rent, my bills, what I owe and be able to give gifts and to share with those less fortunate than myself. To have food to eat, clothes on my back, shoes on my feet in which to walk. 

Most of all Lord, I am grateful for your LOVE (and the ability to write these words..)

Love Amanda