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Coaching the Coaches

Can I share some of my thoughts with you today? Did you know that even coaches need coaches?  That was said to me a long time ago, I can't say it made any real sense at the time but now I would agree whole heartedly!

I think overall everyone has someone they can talk to, professionals, family or friends if not, we may keep our thoughts to ourselves whether they are positive or negative and carry the eventual rewards or consequences that, that brings. We all want to feel supported, loved as we are, accepted on our own particular journey through this life but sometimes, we keep making the same mistakes and need another person to show us the other side of the street, so we don't keep falling back into the same hole! We have to change our thoughts to change ourselves.

Often people will use self-help books, seminars and video classes which keep us learning either in our own particular field or a new one.  I really think that having a professional coach, in some area of our life, makes a huge difference for us.

Coaches generally have a detached point of view and are able to teach us new tools to move beyond where we are, if that is what we sincerely want? Sometimes a coach/therapist/helper is not a good fit for us and then we have to have the courage to move on to someone else. Also it's interesting to note that what you see in someone else, is already a part of yourself or you wouldn't be able to see it!

As coaches, therapists, healers and helpers we can delude ourselves into believing we are fine just as we are...but are we really? Do we need a good push/shove to get us back to our own goals and personal dreams because we are being lazy?  Can we recognize when we are burning out and need "us time"? Are we striving to grow in ourselves to be better at helping our clients? Can we take a moment in our day to rest a while in the quiet? Only we really know...

That's why I think sometimes we all need a true and honest person, whomever that might be, in our lives to guide us, in addition to whatever spiritual practice we may use.

If you are wondering, yes I have a coach who passes an objective eye, to help me stay on track of my goals.

In my humble opinion, we all need that.

For my own personal coaches' over the years, you know who you are and I am eternally grateful for your particular set of tools that have helped me move forward!

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