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Do you mind?

Energy follows thought therefore, what you think about, you will ultimately create. So, it follows then, that if you don't "mind' it doesn't 'matter' (or manifest) ...Every thought reaches its destination.

This is the time in humanities evolution of becoming more aware of the energies we create, which we put out there every day.

Consider your point of view, do you tend to be more positive and optimistic or do you complain a lot about people and things? Are you always limiting yourself with your thoughts and what you think you are capable of achieving?

If we are choosing to remain in dense energy levels, we then create depression, carrying those heavy feelings, experiencing that hollow feeling in our stomachs. We create more negativity around us because we choose to be angry, resentful and fearful. We stop believing in ourselves, we withdraw from the world, believing that those around us don’t love us anymore. That is when we as individuals, are not reaching out to others for the help we may need, but God/The Universe/All that is/ Source/The Higher Power, call it what you will, will always deliver what you ask for – it helps if you are paying attention! To help us to find that love, forgiveness and joy within ourselves, to once again begin caring and loving ourselves and others. You are the only one who can make the changes in your life with your choices.

As our energy becomes 'lighter' through acts of love, kindness and regular meditation, our frequency changes. Mother Earth is going through her time of cleansing and we, as inhabitants of the planet are doing the same, either consciously or unconsciously... When we are increasing the positive in our lives, our energy becomes more refined and fuller of light.

As we aspire to give more love, kindness, compassion and caring each day to those around us, we are releasing more and more negativity, and also encouraging our souls to shine Love out into the world. Doesn’t it always feel good to be giving of ourselves even if it’s only a smile? That creates more love, not only for the planet and those of us on it but also the Universe.

At the end of the day consider, could I have done that differently, to have had a better outcome, am I helping or hindering with my actions? What could have been changed to resolve that issue, do I need to learn to respond, instead of just reacting? Is it better to be right or just let it go, because if you don't mind, it really doesn’t matter and it won't manifest in your life as something you don't want!

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