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May 2018

Coaching the Mouse

Coaching the Mouse - A lighter look at Life Coaching

Some years ago, I wrote the piece I am about to share with you, I hope it makes you smile if not laugh out loud? It demonstrates the simple basics of The Six Step Coaching Model.

This morning my cat brought into the house, a live mouse, (a delightful gift...if you are also a cat). Not being one who enjoys sharing my space with mice or rodents of any kind, I spent the best part of the morning trying to liberate it. The Mouse quite suddenly, became my client and I the Life Coach.

What was the desired outcome or goal for this situation?

We established that the ultimate goal of the mouse - The Client, was to escape from the Cat (The obstacle) and live happily on somewhere out there in the world. My role as the Life Coach was to help facilitate that process, in as short a time as possible! This raised several challenges for both the client and the Life Coach but we were certainly on the same page! Especially as the Life Coach and her visiting friend were at this point, actually perched on kitchen chairs to avoid the mouse.

Where was the Client?

The client, was hiding under the dryer; his adversary the Cat was close by watching. The goal was to get past the cat or have the Life Coach at least distract him from his prey...


Because the mouse values his life and freedom in the world and wants to live.
When did it want to be free and what were the Life Coach's expectations of the outcome?
Just as surely as the Client wanted to be free of the cat’s influence, the Life Coach wanted to be rid of the Client's situation immediately! Although it may appear to be the Coach's agenda, it transpired that both the client and the coach had the same desired outcome in mind. Therefore, both client and coach had to draw on their resources of positive states of mind, which would then facilitate confidence in the outcome and the attainment of the goal!

Who would benefit?

Both the Client and the Life Coach would benefit from the attainment of the goal. The aim was clear, the Client wanted to survive. The Life Coach quickly established the Client's strengths and weaknesses, along with the possible opportunities and threats (to overcome) which could arise on route to the goal.

How was the goal attained?

Various methods were tried. The goal was set and over a period of time, it was recognized that some of the methodology was not appropriate for this Client. FEAR being the major issue from both parties. In the meantime, the cat maintained his focus!
Finally, the Client disappeared up the vacuum cleaner, where he sat and was determined to remain. (No, it was not switched on at the time)

After careful consideration, the Life Coach decided to elevate the Client to the next level, by lifting up the vacuum cleaner while the Client was still inside of it, to re-establish him to his former environment in the garden. This action still proved to be rather challenging for the Client, as he needed to be encouraged to leave his comfort zone within the cleaner, to be able to move forward to his next goal. In this case, the goal was to find his way home, avoiding the Cat on route and then be able to find food for himself. By this time, he was exhausted, starving and needed considerable encouragement...

The Life Coach then decided to motivate the Client to free himself from inside of the vacuum cleaner, by gentle tapping with a stick until the Client jumped out of the cleaner and ran home.

Ultimate goal realized!

Summary: There are no situations in Life that can't be coached!

Please note however that this Life Coach, does not habitually use sticks to encourage clients out of their comfort zones!
By Amanda Vinson
Master Life Coach and Spiritual Holistic Journey Master Coach