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October 2016


Love is for-giving, interesting way to look at the word "forgiving" don't you think?
Being "unforgiving" leaves us with feelings of mistrust, a grudges, resentment, and hollow empty feelings, which is usually rooted in anger, hurt or fear? 

Often, we can't forgive ourselves for our past transgressions, never mind forgiving anyone else!

When there is a deep feeling that we have been wronged or have guilty feelings about something we may have done, there is usually a subconscious desire to punish either ourselves or the other person or people involved. 

What good does that punishment do if it stays in our in our minds unresolved and festering?

It can actually create illness in our bodies - dis-ease, ( Please reference: Louise L Hay's work). Although sometimes, illness is a part of our journey to growth, not just for ourselves but for the souls around the sick person. Who learn to care for them, which then helps them to grow too.

As individuals, not forgiving (or turning the other cheek, if you prefer?) can create blocks in our ability to function in certain areas of our lives, because it may mean becoming vulnerable again, opening ourselves up to more potential unknown pain. Saying "I am sorry", can end that pain in ourselves and other's instead of pride encouraging us to just sweep it under the rug..

By forgiving others' it's the same, we may have to open ourselves to being hurt, humiliated, feeling unappreciated or even the feeling of being used. 

Please don't carry this!

It is possible to make the next generation suffer in this way too, either through our DNA or by what we believe in ourselves to be true, a negative thought belief, which we can impose on our families or our children.

So, can we then just ponder this...

Not being able to forgive, sets us up for more disappointment, it stops our mind from functioning correctly because distress disables us from thinking clearly. Ever watchful for the next error. We all make mistakes, in our lives, dare I say on our journey to growth, enlightenment and unconditional love, that's why we are here, to grow! Just as little children grow and learn.

If we are made in God's/The Universe/All that Is, image, surely we must forgive ourselves and other souls on our spiritual journeys as we are forgiven?

Frankly, it helps to just put the load down! The load of judgement, opinions and criticism. What we put out there will come back to us. Try to accept everyone as they are.
Not carrying any high expectations of those in our lives. We learn that we can trust, that we are all doing the best we can, in any given moment, (everyone is!) then we can release so much that is unnecessary baggage.

Our individual journeys are all different, who is to judge another soul's journey?  

In my experience, the person who drives you a little crazy, is the one who best teaches you patience.
The person who is always late or forgetful encourages not only patience but understanding.
The person who has emotional or health issues, encourages compassion.
The person who let's us down at the last minute, gives you an opportunity to check with ourselves, do you let people down at the last minute?
The person who just picks people up and down as it suits them?
The person who expects everyone to contact them first, never actually reaching out themselves?
We are truly loved, if the people we do that too forgive us and let it go.
Those who are financially poor in this life, hopefully teach us generosity with ourselves and others. In whatever "currency" we have available, a smile, a heartfelt hug or even money!

If you believe in Karma or past lives, maybe you owe someone in this life, perhaps someone who cared for you deeply or even saved your life needs something from you in this life to help them grow? Even if that lesson is to teach them to be more responsible for themselves? That same lesson is learned whomever we forgive in this life.

Our creator is always teaching us, if we are open to seeing, hearing or feeling. This is the journey to peace, to relinquishing the need to control everything and trusting, that all is in reality, in "Divine right order" for our journey's as individuals.That is the beginning of wisdom, essentially, to Let Go and Let God. 

In this journey we are co-creators of, we have choice because we have free will. How much longer before you choose to free yourself and other's of this heavy burden of non-forgiving? Forgiveness is freedom, no matter how many times you have to do it.  You may also need to forgive yourself, from walking away from something that is not aligned with your own" true self." That means that you can forgive but you don't have to condone the actions of others and may choose to distance yourself from them. Perhaps that is also the lesson? 

We affect everyone we come in contact with but it is not for us to say what their lesson is. Be true to yourself, be aware of your inner guidance because it comes from a place of LOVE. It is God who makes the final call, not us. Let it go, move on!

The end result is Peace.

Perhaps you could even forgive me, for being a little late with my monthly blog!

Wishing you all the Grace of Forgiveness in it's many forms.