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August 2016

Gratitude is a great attitude!

Gratitude is a Great Attitude

I believe that for the most part people are grateful for their lives, family and friends. “Thank you” should be an automatic response, when someone does us a kindness or a service but are we really Grateful? Do we really appreciate the loving people in our lives? What about good health and being able to hear a child’s laughter or a beautiful song? The beauty we see in the world around us? The work we do, the home in which we live or the food that we have to eat?

So very often we forget to be Grateful for the simple things and hurry through our lives not really considering other people, their thoughts or feelings. Sometimes even those of our family and friends. Can you honestly say you thanked everyone today, considered everyone’s feelings, in response to your actions, how do you feel you affected everyone in your path? Did you honor your own feelings?
Were you focused in positive thought and Love? Did you keep your promises or just let someone down, thinking it wouldn’t bother them? Could your thoughtfulness or kindness have made someone’s day, today? Did you give something away today without thought of yourself, to someone in need? We would all miss our loved ones, if they just disappeared because we didn’t show our Love and appreciation for them.
As my dear friend Robert once said, “We all call on God/The Universe/All That Is, when we are in trouble and pray that we will receive the help we need, but do we remember to thank God/ The Universe/All That Is, when everything in our lives is wonderful?” Hopefully we do…

It’s an interesting concept “Gratitude,” in my experience the more grateful we are, the more abundance we receive. Simple acts of kindness whatever they are, have Universal repercussions. The smile we give, the time, the help and in return, eventually we will find ourselves the recipients of these actions. Our family, friends and sometimes even strangers, are the messengers bringing us what we need, the encouragement, the listening ear, the patience or the help. The simplest acts of Love. What we give out, we get back at some time or another.

The opposite is also true if we are negative, selfish or think negative, angry or spiteful thoughts or even express them out loud.

Some of us tithe a portion of our incomes or give to charities regularly, this is another way of expressing our love towards our fellow human beings, all human beings.
Abundance will come back to you in many ways, if you are Grateful and acknowledge the blessings you have every day. 

The Abundance of the Universe comes in many forms.
Are you Grateful for everything you have learned through your life, even the in hindsight lessons? The stuff of pain, tragedy, and joy, and even overcoming, molds us into who we are today. That may also involve forgiveness of ourselves and others, which we will discuss at length another time. Let’s just say it’s easier to live with ourselves and others, if we can forgive swiftly. Remembering that we are all human and make mistakes as we grow in age or wisdom.

Perhaps at the end of the day, consider,” How could I have done things better?” “Could I have responded, instead of reacting?” “Was I wrong, do I need to correct something?” Then act on it if you can, be Grateful for the things that we so easily take for granted.

Personally, I realize more every day, that which I am Grateful for and that each day shows me something new to be Grateful for. I try to share what I have, (whatever that may be), perhaps you could do the same and see how quickly that Love and Abundance returns to you.

By Amanda Vinson

Laughter Journal

Each and every day we have an opportunity to learn from the people we talk too. If we are open to listening, we can receive amazing new tools. These tools can be shared to help others.
Today, I spoke to a wonderful lady who has given me permission to share this part of her journey, my many thanks to her. For many years she has suffered from debilitating depression which has often made it difficult to get through each day.
Recently, this lady felt compelled to buy a journal to write down all the negative feelings and words that she felt, when overwhelmed with the sadness or anger that comes with depression. Her intention was then to burn the journal,  sounds like a good idea, right?
After a couple of days she realized that by writing down all the negative words and feelings she had, she was creating more negativity in her life! Affirming it in fact. Then a better idea came to her...
The journal, could be used, to write down all the special moments and memories from childhood up to adulthood  that had made her laugh! 
Even in depression, there are moments when the sunlight of laughter peeks through. Those memories of joy, the funny unexpected times that catch us off guard. 
The resulting peals of laughter, which can make us physically helpless with aching tummies and smiles that hurt our faces! The fast attempt to run to the bathroom, in case we wet ourselves but laughing so hard that we do anyway!
The idea of this kind of journal, was truly an inspiration and I admire the wisdom in the lady concerned, who shared it. 
Truthfully, if we are open to our own enlightenment, in it's many forms, it can be delivered when we least expect it!) We can really begin the journey towards our own healing, using whatever method feels right to us as individuals.
Consider also how this"Laughter Journal" could help future generations as they read the stories and laugh themselves! What a wonderful gift, an amazing way to learn about the people who came before us and their happy memories. Laughter is always a wonderful remedy! 
The native north American Indians and many other cultures, revere the story tellers and why not? They tell the story of their ancestors who found a way through their struggles with laughter and faith that everything changes with time.