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June 2016

Your Vision

Putting our Spiritual Life, (Meditation and Prayer), at the start of our day brings everything into alignment for it to fall into Divine Right Order. What is Divine Right Order? It is the belief that everything happens for a reason and that God/The Universe (call it what you will), allows things to happen - in other words God/The Universe creates that which is best for us to learn and grow. If we visualize a new situation or positive outcome for each day, then we can allow ourselves to "go with the flow," we have released the situation, to God/ The Universe/All that Is, to do as it "Will" with our vision, within the collective consciousness of mankind. Understanding that we are co-creators with the Universe/God/Goddess/ All That Is. We bring into our lives what we "think" about. The Universe listens to what we want and delivers it sooner or later.
If the vision is consistent, I believe that eventually, it will manifest into our lives. Often unconsciously, we send out thoughts to change things we are uncomfortable with, to rid them from our lives, and then we panic when those changes begin to happen! Meditation encourages us to create inner peace, to deal with whatever comes our way.
As we are responsible for our co-creation (as we think, so we become), it stands to reason that positive thinking is the better option - creating the best possible outcome.
When a situation causes pain and distress to those living through it, fear is the element that destroys our best intentions of a positive outcome or inner peace - "What if this happens or that happens?" If a situation becomes one of "releasing or moving on," this is also a part of our journey to the next stage of our lives, to the next lesson, or to understanding or growth. 
We must go within to find our inner peace again and the guidance we need or at the very least, listen to our intuition or gut feelings.
Holding on to an understanding - a "Faith", that All That Is, is actually in Divine Right Order, needs the consistency of our own personal Spiritual practice whatever that may be, in order for us to be able to handle things better! 
Our world is going through tremendous changes right now. Is it not often true, that pain or suffering brings humanity together faster than anything else? That bringing together, creates LOVE not separation. 
When something horrible happens in the world, a disaster perhaps or a war that divides people, there are always those who are willing to help and that encourages others to want to help also. 
Even a simple prayer sends healing energy to where ever it is needed. A smile is a gift to someone else and who knows what healing that could initiate? The conscious knowing of this  fact, combined with others doing the same thing, adds the power of love to it's intention or intended.
Hopefully in time, we can comprehend why our Faith is tested, it's in order to help us to gather the gifts of our own understanding, to change our situation and to share our new knowledge or awareness with others. 
Everything happens for a reason, so we can grow into positivity and see the greater lesson or bigger picture down the road.
If we consider at the close of each day, "How could I have done things differently to make this day better, what would I change, if I were able?" 
When I was impatient or irritated, could I have been kinder or more open to another person's thoughts/personal situation/ or even my own inner child? 
Why was it so important, that I had my own way in that situation? 
Who could I reach out too, to help me see another way, instead of having to be right all the time or need to control situations to make myself feel safe? 
Where are my thoughts right now, are they positive or negative, in nature?
Let's remember, that if we individually and collectively are responsible for co-creating our lives with the Universe, we have a choice whether to change the way we think or not...? 
Can you forgive and truly move on, without the need to punish those who wronged you, by reminding them, however subtlety?
Do you really try to act with love and kindness in your heart? Do you consider how your actions or words affect others? How often do you put yourself  in someone else's shoes? 
Did you know that every thought reaches it's destination? We are not here to judge another's journey, we all have different things to learn, so let's try and do that with compassion, 'but for the Grace of God, there go I".
The changes have to start with ourselves, be kind and gentle with yourself. Honesty with yourself and others about your real thoughts and dreams, clears the clutter of your mind and heart.
 It's okay to reach out for any help you may need, just start the process of healing yourself today.