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A Gratitude Prayer
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Those who tell you the truth are the ones you can really trust.

The people or situations that challenge you, encourage your personal growth, to be better.

Those who create anger in you, eventually teach you how to forgive.

The ones who drive you crazy, will teach you compassion.

Those who consistently forgive over and over again, show you the path to unconditional Love.

Consider, we are all students in this journey of Life, each one of us is a refection of the other, a mirror from which we can really see ourselves.

Amanda Vinson

A Gratitude Prayer

A Gratitude Prayer

Dear God, the Universe, Creator of All that is, Our Source or whichever name you prefer to be called by these days Lord,

I am sending you this sincerely intended thank you note..

I am truly grateful for my blessed daughters, my grandchildren, other family, friends, clients and my personal mentors. I thank you for the presence of Love in my life, for the loving, kind, gentle and generous man in my life. All the wonderful, loving, supportive and creative people, the artists and musicians for I love the music, and comedians too! 

Even those who challenge me, to be a better person by their disdain. Those from the past and those currently in my life who encourage me to ongoing forgiveness and understanding.. I am so grateful for my health, my ability to laugh and sing, even if not always in tune, or when I forget the words and la, la, along. 

I am appreciative for the beautiful world in which I reside. In which I may travel to learn, even with it's wars and hatred, it teaches me to be more, aware, more loving and accepting. For you are my greatest teacher Father.

I thank you for the gifts you have given me, the ongoing opportunities to learn, especially new things, every day. To share my knowledge, by coaching, healing, reading and being a channel for all that is yours. I appreciate my income, this allows me to pay my rent, my bills, what I owe and be able to give gifts and to share with those less fortunate than myself. To have food to eat, clothes on my back, shoes on my feet in which to walk. 

Most of all Lord, I am grateful for your LOVE (and the ability to write these words..)

Love Amanda

Coaching the Coaches

Can I share some of my thoughts with you today? Did you know that even coaches need coaches?  That was said to me a long time ago, I can't say it made any real sense at the time but now I would agree whole heartedly!

I think overall everyone has someone they can talk to, professionals, family or friends if not, we may keep our thoughts to ourselves whether they are positive or negative and carry the eventual rewards or consequences that, that brings. We all want to feel supported, loved as we are, accepted on our own particular journey through this life but sometimes, we keep making the same mistakes and need another person to show us the other side of the street, so we don't keep falling back into the same hole! We have to change our thoughts to change ourselves.

Often people will use self-help books, seminars and video classes which keep us learning either in our own particular field or a new one.  I really think that having a professional coach, in some area of our life, makes a huge difference for us.

Coaches generally have a detached point of view and are able to teach us new tools to move beyond where we are, if that is what we sincerely want? Sometimes a coach/therapist/helper is not a good fit for us and then we have to have the courage to move on to someone else. Also it's interesting to note that what you see in someone else, is already a part of yourself or you wouldn't be able to see it!

As coaches, therapists, healers and helpers we can delude ourselves into believing we are fine just as we are...but are we really? Do we need a good push/shove to get us back to our own goals and personal dreams because we are being lazy?  Can we recognize when we are burning out and need "us time"? Are we striving to grow in ourselves to be better at helping our clients? Can we take a moment in our day to rest a while in the quiet? Only we really know...

That's why I think sometimes we all need a true and honest person, whomever that might be, in our lives to guide us, in addition to whatever spiritual practice we may use.

If you are wondering, yes I have a coach who passes an objective eye, to help me stay on track of my goals.

In my humble opinion, we all need that.

For my own personal coaches' over the years, you know who you are and I am eternally grateful for your particular set of tools that have helped me move forward!


As an adult have you ever felt judged unfairly for the actions you have chosen to take? Have you had family or friends questioning your judgement, or even your ability to make the right decisions for yourself? This is particularly hard, when you feel that your inner voice, prayer, meditation or heart is clearly pushing you in the right direction. Especially when you have made conscious decisions, based on those heartfelt feelings or an inner knowing. The choice feels right to you, even if you changed your mind about something that you previously felt was right, or was best for you at the time?
We all have or had parents, teachers, family and friends who like to share their knowledge and love, in the hopes of helping us with their experiences. They are also sharing with us the knowledge gained from their parents and generations before us, good or bad. We then consider whether the information is right or wrong for us at the time, or if a grain of that knowledge, could be used to help us to make better choices.
I am not talking about choices that are made, by those who feel under duress, stress or mental illness. In that case, a medical professional or designated family member or friend could help. Making decisions with a clear mind it is an entirely different situation. It is virtually impossible to make positive choices, if you are upset, as your rational mind is not functioning properly.
Of course, there are necessarily, situations that need to be brought to the light of day, that humanity collectively need to change, particularly, when it affects basic human rights. Here, I am discussing how our personal relationships can negatively be affected when there is no sense of respect or boundaries between individuals.
You, yourself have most certainly have had an opinion about another person, or their actions in your life and the lives of others. You may have even gone so far as to decide if they were right or wrong, as human beings we tend to do that. There is of course, a world of difference between stating a fact as it is and feeling the need to comment on, or even try to change something in someone else’s personal life, even if it appears to be right in our minds.
Often, we want the outcome of a situation to be one of our choosing because it makes us feel more comfortable in ourselves. Which actually has nothing to do with the other person or people concerned.
I believe we are all “Souls,” here to learn, by human experience and the choices that we make, as individuals. We create situations and meet new people throughout our lives, who can (hopefully), help us and we them, by sharing our light to become wiser people. As a firm believer in reincarnation,( the process of living many lives, not just one) for me, the whole point of it all, is to grow and become better able, to love our fellow men and women without conditions, that is to just love them regardless of their choices and to trust that there is a reason behind everything which may or may not have anything to do with us personally.
Who are we to judge what is right or wrong for another person? Who are we to decide what another person’s lessons or journey are all about? The assumption here, is that we eventually return to “God”, “The Universe”, “Source”, “All that is,” whatever you decide is the name of that higher power for you, and relinquish our free will to that energy, to be used as it Wills. In truth, I believe in part, that we do that, by being of service to humanity in positive ways, even with something as a simple smile, that could brighten someone else’s day.
Of course, at this time in our human evolution, we need laws and court systems to aid in bringing others, to the understanding of their wrong doing or actions to humanity. To eventually become more aware and develop a conscience.
Just as a point of reference, from the King James Bible, Matthew 7:2 simply put as simple translation, states: Do not judge, as you will be judged for whatever it is that you do.
Essentially that wisdom shows up in many religious books and spoken by many wise teachers down through the ages. To me, that means we would all do better to come to a place of understanding and love, and acceptance of what is, on a one to one basis, instead of having an opinion about each other (yes, I am guilty of that too and constantly working on it!) We would all do better to ‘check’ ourselves - none of us are perfect. No one person is perfect. Unconditional love of all humanity and the ability to forgive, is a hard attainment and certainly takes many lives to achieve,
Jesus said Those of you without Sin (wrong doing), let him/her cast the first stone. Meaning, you don’t have the right to judge another person, unless you are perfect yourself and who is? Judgement is a place without understanding and love, often with a hidden agenda and a need to control a situation.
If people are judging you constantly, are you judging others? In my experience what goes around comes around.
Better to allow your love, wisdom and understanding to be present instead, rather than your judgement. No one knows with certainty our individual’s soul’s journey, not even our ourselves.
Everything we do is either a lesson or a growth opportunity for us and the people around us. We are all teachers and students.
Just to be sure, can you put yourself in the other persons ‘shoe’s’ and walk around for a few minutes. Are you able to feel with some measure of compassion and understanding of the other person’s feelings? Consider how would you feel, if someone you cared about, judged your choices and questioned you without trying to understand?
At the end of each day, if can we check in with ourselves, to see if we could have handled a situation differently or better, perhaps with more compassion or love. Was it really necessary to intervene? Will our actions or comments create a positive outcome or create more tension or separation in the relationship/friendship you have with that other person? Could you have stepped back for a moment and walked more softly on another’s heart or just breathed for few moments, to try and understand someone else’s feelings? Consider, would being silent have been a better option?
Ultimately, we can only live our best life by being examples of love, kindness, and forgiveness. Knowing when to have the wisdom and respect to be silent and let other people take care of their business as we mind ours.
If you truly believe that your intervention or shared thoughts helped a situation, and you know in your heart it was the right thing to do, then be at peace with yourself because everything happens for a reason.
These are my lessons, which have enhanced my life and I offer them with love and in service rather than as a prescription.
Amanda Vinson

Do you mind?

Energy follows thought therefore, what you think about, you will ultimately create. So, it follows then, that if you don't "mind' it doesn't 'matter' (or manifest) ...Every thought reaches its destination.

This is the time in humanities evolution of becoming more aware of the energies we create, which we put out there every day.

Consider your point of view, do you tend to be more positive and optimistic or do you complain a lot about people and things? Are you always limiting yourself with your thoughts and what you think you are capable of achieving?

If we are choosing to remain in dense energy levels, we then create depression, carrying those heavy feelings, experiencing that hollow feeling in our stomachs. We create more negativity around us because we choose to be angry, resentful and fearful. We stop believing in ourselves, we withdraw from the world, believing that those around us don’t love us anymore. That is when we as individuals, are not reaching out to others for the help we may need, but God/The Universe/All that is/ Source/The Higher Power, call it what you will, will always deliver what you ask for – it helps if you are paying attention! To help us to find that love, forgiveness and joy within ourselves, to once again begin caring and loving ourselves and others. You are the only one who can make the changes in your life with your choices.

As our energy becomes 'lighter' through acts of love, kindness and regular meditation, our frequency changes. Mother Earth is going through her time of cleansing and we, as inhabitants of the planet are doing the same, either consciously or unconsciously... When we are increasing the positive in our lives, our energy becomes more refined and fuller of light.

As we aspire to give more love, kindness, compassion and caring each day to those around us, we are releasing more and more negativity, and also encouraging our souls to shine Love out into the world. Doesn’t it always feel good to be giving of ourselves even if it’s only a smile? That creates more love, not only for the planet and those of us on it but also the Universe.

At the end of the day consider, could I have done that differently, to have had a better outcome, am I helping or hindering with my actions? What could have been changed to resolve that issue, do I need to learn to respond, instead of just reacting? Is it better to be right or just let it go, because if you don't mind, it really doesn’t matter and it won't manifest in your life as something you don't want!