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What is Life Coaching?

I am often asked:  "What is Life Coaching, how can a Life Coach help me?"

Simply put, Life coaching is learning new life skills and applying them in a consistent way to improve or change your life. It's gaining clarity and the ability to focus on what you want to achieve. Sometimes, our initial goal is entirely different from the end result, from what we thought we wanted? A good Coach will help you find out and encourage you. Your goals are constantly evolving.

Life coaches are sometimes members of our own family, or the wise friend we turn to in a crisis who may help us to see a different way of handling things? We have also in the past, been called Muses; those who inspire others to create that which they dream of.  

Qualified Life Coaches have studied and applied learned methods, over many, many hours, of observation by a teaching organization, doing written work and case studies. They have many tools to help you to move towards your dreams and each have their own specialized area of coaching. A good coach is also doing ongoing work towards their own goals. There are as many types of coaches as there are clients. 

A Life Coach can help inspire you to reach your goals and motivate you to keep on keeping on! Coaching leads to Success but you are the one who needs to make that commitment to yourself. Just like the track coach does not do the running for you! Yet, that same coach will be yelling at you at events to help you reach your goals and motivate you to keep moving!

Life Coaches are not therapists, except if they hold a separate qualification, or any additional skills, which they may apply to their practice, therapy is an entirely different thing.

If a Life Coach feels that you may need an alternative type of help, they should refer you to someone reputable to help you in the right way. Additionally if you or your coach feel that you are not a good fit for whatever reason, it's Important to make that clear as soon as possible.

Coaches are there to coach you, as I am. I looking forward to meeting you!

If you have any questions please contact me.