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Vision Board Events

Vision board events are usually for one or more participants with lots of fun and creativity involved. 

A vision board is helps to set your intention and created by finding pictures, using photos positive statements and affirmations to put on a large piece of white cardboard. By identifying your goals hopes and dreams and being able to see that every day, we create the lives we want!

Usually we begin with a short visualization to help us to see what it is we want to create in our lives. Then we go onto the creative work!

This can be an afternoon or evening event. I am happy to come to your home or work place, if you would like to have a Vision Board Party or Creative Work place training session.

Please contact me if you are interested, the cost is: $30.00 per person in your home.

Prices for Corporate bookings, depend on travel time, expenses and groups of no more than twelve.

Individual sessions are included in with an Individual Life Coaching Session - please see Payment page.

Below are photos of a couple of my clients creating their own Vision Boards with their permission.

"I had the great pleasure of joining a vision board night led by Amanda Vinson. We started the evening by envisioning what we wanted to create for ourselves, which is where all of the fun begins! 
After focusing on our vision, we gathered magazines and pulled images that had meaning for our vision and boards . 
Amanda spent time talking us through making boards with images and affirmations that are extremely positive, purposeful and beautiful. 
My board is placed next to my bed and I read the affirmations daily. I am quickly seeing the value, benefits and wonderful results of my vision board 
I cannot thank Amanda enough for the fun, memorable evening and also teaching us the power and value of vision boards." 
Gina Castellaccio