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Complete Peace

'Amanda, I feel complete peace within my life and never thought I would know that feeling. I know that I have manifested my new self through your teachings and now feel I'm capable of manifesting whatever I want! Without you in my life I don't know what I'd be, for this, I thank you.'
Sandy Merritt,  Danville, California.

Have you been struggling to find your way in reaching successful goals in life? Here is the answer for you: "Ask for professional help/advice, that will help you to understand how to create positive change and empower yourself." 

You probably think everyone can do this by himself/herself but not everyone can.  It is always better and clearer for you to seek someone's help who is well-trained and knowledgeable on how to help you. To start to help you to realize, how to empower your talents to achieve your goals.

You don't have to look so far away to find that person. I found her here. She is Amanda and she is an expert at helping others in all kinds of things, such as focusing on personal goals, work life balance, meditation, stress reduction, etc. 

I feel so lucky to have met her and talk to her. She is really someone who makes everyone feel so comfortable. Every time I see her, I feel very happy and positive for myself. She is good at what she is doing!

If you do need help to gain positive energy in life, please do me a favor,  make appointment to meet with her,  so that you will know what I am saying is so true. 
Thank you Amanda and Namaste!
Anna NT, Castro Valley California

'Amanda, your coaching has helped me to shed the baggage. I feel much lighter and more free to be myself and discover who that really is! I feel more free to hear life around me and be able to appreciate the goodness in my life. THANKS!!'
Heidi Cowley, Pleasanton, California

I have known Amanda for nearly 20 years and she has guided and helped me through some of my toughest times. Thoroughly recommend getting in touch with this wonderful lady.

Julie Walker, England, UK


I have known Amanda Vinson for over 20  years, she was my mentor but more importantly I regard her as my friend who's kindness and guidance has helped me find clarity in times of darkness, she has a natural drive and passion for helping people. I thank Amanda for all that you have done for me, as I know you have, for the many people that have crossed your path. May the love of the creative force be with you always.
With Love & Light
Mac Douglas, London, UK

This is my story. I was divorced from my wife with whom I had two beautiful children. I am like most people in the world and was struggling through poor financial decisions, and as a result of the divorce, I plunged myself into even darker times. I felt that I had no close support, family and friends lived far away, and I was too proud to ask for help. Sometime later, I met a person who introduced me to Amanda Vinson. She turned my life around, by showing me the positive influences that life coaching can have. With weekly sessions, I learned a new way of being and understanding as Amanda helped me change my life. I opened up, and began to release all of my anger and sadness, and found the wonderful feeling of being myself again. By using the new life skill set Amanda taught me, I am now the man I used to be, but better! Positive, calm, and thankful for the new friends and life I've made. I use this new skill set, from my tool box on a daily basis!
Jason UK
Thank you

Thanks to Amanda my life is back on track, after years of trying various self help methods, to no avail, I am now in complete control of my own destiny. However this would not have been possible without the coaching provided by Amanda Vinson. She was able to listen, understand, synthesis and help me gain clarity and focus on where I wanted to be in life. She took even the most complex situations, helped me break them down into bite sized pieces. In the past I had found myself frequently overwhelmed and unable to address my issues, through Amanda's teaching, I was able to break them down, tackling each situation individually, no longer viewing them as negatives, but as challenges that I was able to overcome. I was able to work to positive and successful solutions. This new empowerment has provided me with new confidence, affecting both my personal and professional life.
Bill McDowell, CA USA

Life Altering!
Amanda Vinson has introduced me to a personal level of consciousness I never before new existed. Her ability to help me regain control of my thoughts and focus have been remarkable. Within weeks of working with Amanda the irritations in my life began to vanish and my desires started to materialize. Amanda's guidance has been life altering and I would strongly recommend her to anyone trying to rise above the frustrations of day to day living.'
Richard Grant, Fremont, California

Dani Wright 
Hi Amanda, I love your website! I have had coaching from you and have to say that your insight has proven to be extremely helpful and has improved my personal life no end. I would and often do, recommend you to friends and family! 
Many thanks for your wisdom, love and light, Dani Wright, England UK.

Raul Leon 
“Working with Amanda is always a pleasure. She can quickly grasp and understand the underlying issues (business or personal) and provide honest and relevant advice that makes a difference. I would definitely hire Amanda again.” July 20, 2010 Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity Raul Leon, I first hired Amanda as a Business Consultant in 2010.

Lynette Ground 
“Amanda is a talented and empathetic person who delivers a truly professional service. Her working style puts you at ease straight away and I have no hesitation in recommending her.” June 27, 2010 Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity Lynette Ground, first hired Amanda as a Life Coach in 2004, and hired Amanda more than once.

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