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Hello, I have been a natural psychic and medium since I had an experience at the age of five, watching a soul leave it's body to enter a shower of lights on it's journey home. It took a few years for me to develop the practice I started at the age of 28 years old.

I've been aware for most of my life, of being able to feel other people's feelings and I had an empathetic understanding of what was happening in their lives. Some years later, a good friend of mine dropped in for a cup of coffee, on her way home from work. She said, "Can you do me a little reading please?".

At the time, I was just learning to read Tarot cards, to combine with the natural psychic gifts I 
already had but wasn't using professionally. I explained to her that I didn't yet feel proficient in reading them, but that I would try..

Two days later she was back, hammering on my door telling me that what I had told her would happen, actually had! I had told her that her boyfriend, who was in the military and  stationed in Hong Kong, would  call and that week and propose. At the time she laughed at me. I shrugged my shoulders and said okay but here it was, two days later and he had called the night before to ask for her hand in marriage! Believe me, I was as surprised as she was! Needless to say my daughters were her bridesmaids!

What my dear friend did the next day, was to launch my career as a psychic. Over thirty years ago, she went handing out my number to her friends and family and simply told them "She's a great psychic, you should make an appointment to see her". So the calls began, "How much do you charge?

I shall be eternally grateful to my friend Helen for doing that because along the way, I have met hundreds of wonderful people from all walks of life. Including in some cases, Lords and Ladies in the United Kingdom,  I've met people from all over the world, and many who have become close friends. I am blessed to be missed by many of those in the UK as I now reside in California.

I would be delighted to read for you, confident in allowing you to record the session, so please reach out to me, on 925-872-7816

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Warmly Amanda