Transformation Life Coaching & Meditation - Further Meditation Series - San Ramon, CA
Beyond Basic Meditation

Other Series complied and co-created by Robert Fisher & Amanda Vinson

These series are done sequentially after Series One.

Series Two: - The Releasing Series: - 
The person you are today is the result of every experience you have had in your life, thus far. If you wish to rid yourself of hang-ups and release distress,anger, hurt, fear etc. then this series could be of enormous help to you.

Series Three: - The Healing & Creating Series: - 
This series deals with finding and healing your Inner child and then creating Wise Parents within. This series will help you to re-establish your own boundaries.

Series Four: - The Self Esteem Series: - 
Each of the thirteen exercises in this series, cover possible insecurities we have created or developed on our journey through life thus far. Re-building our self esteem helps us to be more confident and self - assured in our lives.

Series Five: - The Life Series: - 
The thirteen meditations in this series encourage us to value the world around us and interact with it, helping us to create a better life for ourselves.

Series Six: - The Grail Light Meditations: -
For those who have mastered meditation and know how much more there is to this life, this series of thirteen will add a further dimension. For the true seeker of inner peace and knowledge, this series will be a door opener.

All material soon to be available on CD or MP3