Complete Peace

'Amanda, I feel complete peace within my life and never thought I would know that feeling. I know that I have manifested my new self through your teachings and now feel I'm capable of manifesting whatever I want! Without you in my life I don't know what I'd be, for this, I thank you.'

Sandy Merritt,  Danville, California.

Amanda is someone who is an expert at helping others create positive change in their lives. For some of us, the positive change we most want, may be focused on personal goals such as relationships, time management, work-life balance, stress reduction, health etc., while others may be more interested in professional or business goals such as leadership, getting a promotion, starting a business.
Amanda works with her clients to help them live a better, richer life - regardless of their type of goals.
Amanda helped me through an extremely difficult business divorce. She was a rock of Gibraltar and through some very simple tasks and introspection, made me realize how to empower myself. She made me realize that my life was way out of balance, and that my definition of economic success was not congruent with  my own personal needs.
I have currently lost 43lbs and I am in my 3rd year in a successful start up. Did Amanda do it all for me - no. Was Amanda very pivotal in my achieving these goals? ABSOLUTELY.....!!!
Thank you Amanda!

Ross Westbrook, CA.


'Amanda, your coaching has helped me to shed the baggage. I feel much lighter and more free to be myself and discover who that really is! I feel more free to hear life around me and be able to appreciate the goodness in my life. THANKS!!'
Heidi Cowley, Pleasanton, California

Would you like to feel happier with a new sense of purpose in your life?
Is your personal life, work balance, off?

Perhaps you're ready for a new direction or career change?

Is it time do something for yourself?
How about some positive lifestyle changes to bring your smile back?
  Always wanted to learn meditation with no idea how to start?

My company is based on the belief that my clients' goals are of the utmost importance.

I am committed to working with you, to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you one of the best services in this industry.

I look forward to meeting you! 

Transformation Life Coaching & Meditation Leads to Success!